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black_dot http://cpu-museum.de
CPU Museum – Welcome to more than 250 historic processors waiting to be looked at!
black_dot http://www.cs.utk.edu/~shuford/terminal/dec.html
DEC Video – DEC Video Terminals - The VT100 and its Successors. Once upon a time (about A.D. 1957), a nice man named Ken Olsen and his friends set up a business in an old textile mill alongside the Assabet River in the small town of Maynard, Massachusetts. They named their business “Digital Equipment Corporation”...
black_dot http://www.obsoletecomputermuseum.org
Obsolete Computer Museum – A large collection of obsolete computers. Includes photographs and a ‘Help Line’ for questions and answers. See existing museum exhibits for the format and style.
black_dot http://pin-outs.com/directory/Hardware/PinOuts_Com
PinOuts_Com – Cables, Pin outs and Connectors. Reference site.
black_dot http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_machine
Turing machine – The Turing machine is an abstract model of computer execution and storage introduced in 1936 by Alan Turing to give a mathematically precise definition of algorithm or ‘mechanical procedure’. As such it is still widely used in theoretical computer science, especially in complexity theory and the theory of computation. The thesis that states that Turing machines indeed capture the informal notion of effective or mechanical method in logic and mathematics is known as the Church-Turing thesis.
black_dot http://www.yost.com/computers/RJ45-serial/index.html

Yost Serial Device Wiring Standard – Here is a scheme which solves four of the six RS-232 hassles:

  1. All cable connectors are the same sex (male).
  2. All cable connectors are of the same type (RJ-45).
  3. There is no distinction between DTE and DCE plugs and sockets.
  4. You can mass-terminate the connector cables with a crimping tool.

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