CrustCrawler develops and manufactures cutting edge walking robots and robotic accessories
FlockBots – This website describes an open design for a small, $800 robot suitable for “swarm”-style multiagent research, robotics education, and other tasks. Our goal is to get as much functionality as possible from $800 per robot, replicate the robot many times to create a small collaborative swarm, and document the results to make it easier for you to do the same. We hope to foster collaboration in the wider community and, ultimately, lower the entry-level costs for building such robots.
black_dot – Home of the Servo Erector Set. Offers a wide range of robot kits and components including robotic arms, wheeled robots and walking robots.
Mekatronix® is a manufacturer of Autonomous Mobile Robots, Robot Kits, microcontroller kits and robot accessories, as well as educational materials related to science and robotics. Our robots and microcontrollers provide students with valuable hands-on experience in programming and engineering concepts. There are numerous universities which base classes on our various products.
micromagic systems was founded in 1999 to supply animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry. It has developed a variety of products from servo reversers through to complete performance systems which have played pivotal roles in award-winning productions ranging from feature films (the Harry Potter series) to music videos (Massive Attack) to commercials (Lloyds TSB).
Mike Smyth’s Walking Robot Page – Welcome to my homepage! Here you’ll find information about some of my hobby projects. There are links below to my different robots and to some pics of the classic vehicles I have restored. If you have questions or suggestions about any of my projects feel free to e-mail me at the link below.
Open PINO Platform is the project to accelerate the research and development of humanoid robots by providing the technical information of PINO open to the public. Everyone can use PINO as a base of the research and development, in other words, to foster PINO to be more sophisticated humanoid robot. We hope PINO to play the similar role as LINUX, for humanoid robot development. Please join us to foster PINO!
Robot – Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots. Reviews of robotics books, plus robot kits, movies, and toy robots. Build robots for competitions, for industry, or just for fun! Learn about artificial intelligence, electronics, and mechanisms. Read about mobile robots, educational toys, walking robots, even robots that play soccer! Enter competitions like Robot Wars, BattleBots, Robot Sumo, and RoboCup!
Robotics Resources Guide – Robotics, first developed in the mid-20th century, is a fascinating field that has many practical applications in the present and future world. Over decades, advancements in the field have revolutionized healthcare, manufacturing, space exploration, the military and public safety operations.