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black_dot http://www.artlebedev.ru/kovodstvo
Artemy Lebedev: design advise – (Russian resource). Articles about web design by Artemy Lebedev.
black_dot http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/2334/Programs/cafebabe.html
CafeBabe – This program will say you all about contents of complied code for JVM. It works as a graphical disassembler and displays full information about any sort of information enclosed in bytecode: field, methods, attributes, exceptions, synthetic members, method body, additional information inside code and so on. While virtual machine misses unknown attributes, CafeBabe displays all of them.
black_dot http://hoohoo.ncsa.uiuc.edu/cgi
The Common Gateway Interface (cgi) – The Common Gateway Interface, or CGI, is a standard for external gateway programs to interface with information servers such as HTTP servers.
black_dot http://cgi-lib.berkeley.edu
The cgi-lib.pl Home Page – The cgi-lib.pl library has become the de facto standard library for creating Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts in the Perl language. Welcome to the official Web site for cgi-lib.pl, with the most up-to-date releases of the library.
black_dot http://www.chami.com/html-kit
HTML-kit – HTML-Kit is a full-featured editor designed to help HTML, XHTML and XML authors to create, edit, format, validate, preview and publish web pages, scripts and over dozen other file types.
black_dot http://www.batbox.org/font.html
Jim Buzbee’s Hershey Font Page – This is an implementation of the Hershey Font set for Java. The HersheyFont class has methods for loading a specified Hershey font across the net so that there is no dependency on installed fonts. You can set character string rotation, horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, character width, character height, font line width, italics, and degree of italic slant.
black_dot http://html.manual.ru
HTML Manual RU – (Russian resource). Tag description of the pure HTML.
black_dot http://www.manual.ru
MANUAL.RU project – (Russian resource). A lot of HOW-TOs.
black_dot http://phpeditors.linuxbackup.co.uk/index.php
Keith’s PHP Editors – This page has been put together to list editors which are suitable for editing PHP (and, in most cases, HTML) code. Updates from readers are welcome.
black_dot http://www.566.org/~masha
Masha Platonova home page – (Russian resource). See “articles” chapter for psychology of color description.
black_dot http://www.php-editors.com
PHP-Editors – What can I say, it’s existence brings about information on PHP Editors (as you probably know by now :D).
black_dot http://www.seventwentyfour.com
SEVENtwentyfour – Interesting service provider to verify quality of web pages. Offer both free and commercial level of service.
red_dot http://usableweb.com
Usable Web – Usable Web is a collection of 1261 links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web.
black_dot http://hci.psychology.ru
Usability in Russia – (Russian resource). Discussions about usability, GUI design, web-interface, Human-Computer Interaction.
red_dot http://www.useit.com
useit.com – Jakob Nielsen’s site (Usability and Web Design). Alertbox column, Web usability, usability engineering, and Jakob’s minimalist approach to Web quality; Jakob’s biography.
black_dot http://www.lib.ru/koi/webmaster
Webmaster – (Russian resource). Moshkov’s library. Webmaster articles.
red_dot http://www.webreference.com
WebReference.com – The Webmaster’s Reference Library - Web Authoring Tips & Tutorials for Developers.
red_dot http://www.wpdfd.com
Web Page Design for Designers – A site dedicated to the graphic design and creative aspects of web sites.
black_dot http://www.shortway.to/zenweb
Zen and Web design – (Russian resource). Zen and Web design.

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