black_dot http://www.ekkobsd.org
ekkoBSD – as a core OS offers security, stability, and flexibility to your infrastructure. As a default installation, it gives you an email server, Web Server, ssh, and several other services that would normally need to be added and secured.
red_dot http://frenzy.org.ua/
Frenzy – это “портативный инструмент системного администратора”, LiveCD на базе ОС FreeBSD, загрузившись с которого, администратор получает полностью работоспособную систему с набором программного обеспечения для настройки, проверки и анализа сети, тестирования компьютерного “железа” и ряда других задач.
black_dot http://ipfw.ism.kiev.ua/nipfw.html
ipfw – Настройка FireWall
red_dot http://m0n0.ch/bsd
m0n0 BSD – m0n0BSD is a version of FreeBSD that has been stripped down to fit on a Compact Flash card, with a focus on embedded systems like the net45xx series from Soekris Engineering. The procedure that was used is described in the miniBSD guide.

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