Disk Duplicate / Save program: DDS v 1.01¶

The program has been developed in 1991. Development has been started because it was a time when 5.25” diskettes become to be replaced by 3.5” ones, and it was inconvenient to run some stupid Setup programs which required disk A: only to start. Due to the fact that a lot of PCs at that time had two floppy drives (5.25” and 3.5” as A: and B:) you either need to switch floppy as A: or B: because of above requirement or invent something. This is a story how DDS.EXE has been developed.

The purpose of it is quite simple – it is a tool to copy 3.5” diskette to 5.25” diskette and vise versa. As a side effect you can use it to store floppy disk image on other media (like hard disk, tape, CD) and recover it when you need exact copy of your floppy disk.

During the development it become necessary to support non-standard diskette formats to create 1.44 MByte on 5.25” diskette. Brilliant open source software FDFormat (written by Christoph H. Hochst√§tter) has been used as a formatting tool.

It is not shareware as declared in outdated source – you are free to use it as you wish.

Please note that the software is NOT guaranteed to work under non-DOS environment (and may not work under any environment). All addresses (include electronic ones) and telephone numbers given inside the files are NOT VALID anymore. The software has been developed in 1991 (more than 20 years ago). You may download it at your own risk!

If you will find any problems please report to: sergei@kostigoff.net. I will (maybe) try to fix them (on ad-hock basis). However this is not even promise.

You may download the Pascal (Turbo Pascal 6.0) source code and executable files here in ZIP format: compress DDS101.ZIP (file size: 104 KB).




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